ZēP. A Graphic Novel.

The world of ZEP, a graphic novel


ZEP, or ZEP: A WORLD IN TWELVE VOLUMES, is an ongoing, large scale graphic novel project/series in twelve story volumes, straight from the “twisted” mind of Nolan Cross, and illustrated from the talented pen of Benji Andringa. Each volume will consist of a number of story chapters and new story chapters will be released here every two months (not including the possibility of early releases), that will eventually come together to form a single volume (roughly seven chapters per volume).

ZEP takes place in the fictional parallel world known unsurprisingly as Zep, where heavily tormented, complex, and wacky characters come together to form the narrative. ZEP will take you to Hell and back, at times literally, on an incredible journey of violence, the human psyche, memory, redemption, and above all, Good and Evil, all in a vastly and rapidly changing interconnected world.

ZEP, the story’s, defining features, as described by the creator:

-ZEP blends all genres. Horror, dark comedy, dark fantasy, cosmic science fiction, mystery thriller, action and adventure are all moulded together to create something truly unique.

-ZEP is not for the faint of heart, and that is exactly the point.

-Surreal, and incredible visuals. Every location in ZEP has a clear and defining aesthetic. Everything is definitely arthouse-style. We’re very pretentious over here.

-And, above all else, incredibly deep characters and riveting dialogue. No character is as they seem, and they all belong to a specific faction.

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Malis in the world of ZEP