The Creators

Nolan Cross, Zep Creator

Nolan Cross
The Author and Creator

Sixteen years old with a degree of wackiness, Nolan Cross’s passion is for movies. As far back as he can remember, he’s always adored them, and has internalized every film he’s seen, taking them in as fuel for his other creative projects. Everything in ZEP is probably influenced by some movie, and his ultimate aspiration is to be a filmmaker. Some of his favourite films are The House that Jack Built, The Lighthouse, Love Exposure, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and his favourite directors are Ari Aster, Tarantino, and Lars von Trier. Follow him on the app/site Letterboxd (known as TheZepBoi on Letterboxd) to keep up to date with all his cinematic journeys. He often describes ZEP itself as ‘Lord of The Rings’ crossed with Coppola’s ‘Dracula’ meets ‘Pulp Fiction’.

The story and world of ZEP has remained a constant throughout his life for a very long time. ‘Passion project’ would be a criminally huge understatement.

Most recently, Cross played through the game Resident Evil 8 Village, and found it to be the greatest fantasy horror creation perhaps ever made. He is currently taking great reference from it for his own work, and is repeatedly sounding off about how groundbreaking it truly is.

Benji Andringa
The Designer

Benji aka Lowclass is a recognized graphic designer and illustrator, specializing in a wide variety of drawing styles and design techniques. The ZEP project is his first swing at a graphic novel. Working alongside writer/creator Nolan Cross, Benji has developed a new style of pencil, ink and grayscale to give life to the world of ZEP. His inspirations include anything hand drawn and old school such as vintage comic books, magazine ads, retro sci fi book covers, surf, skate, pre 2000’s album art.

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